Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ebbs and Flows | Lessons From The Edge

Canyon Walls Ebb and Flow
Fine Art Print - Darcy Michaelchuk

Are you building a dream? Then you know what I am talking about....if you are getting ready to build one,
listen up!! Forewarned is forearmed!

What will ebb and flow?
and the biggie...FAITH

This is reality. I have spoken to scores of people who are breaking ground with new ideas and this is a topic that is huge. The question is, how do you respect this natural process and continue on the quest? 

My career has been built upon the creative process, each and every day I look to the beautiful things and people in my life, I am inspired. Looking for beauty in ALL is what I have come to learn helps me through the ebbs and flows. I have finally learned that the dark has as much to teach as the light, that adversity has as many blessings as abundance and that pain is rich with as much joy as pleasure.

Yes, these are pretty deep thoughts and yet simple too. As we rebuild our economy on new ideas and principles, knowing these truths is critical. Most of us are no longer in the place and space of being unconscious. If we are able to truly see and accept these principles, then moving through the ebbs and flows becomes a process of joy vs suffering. 

Each of us has a choice to be in the flow of it all or fight it. Taking time to look at the ebbs and flows and allowing ourselves to recognize that the ebbs are here for us to reach out beyond ourselves. 

Some people want to be with us in the flows for sure! Other people are there for the ebbs, and the RARE ones are able to be both. Knowing this truth is a blessing. Keeping yourself aware of it and knowing that even you are sometimes with you and sometimes not. Ahh yes, that biggie...FAITH. 

Keeping the at the root of it all. Keeping faith in self, the idea, the world, the reason...this is where the courageous succeed! Courageously Faithful! Know your dreams and goals are real! And KNOW they will come to be if you stick with them!!