Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CC!inJAX Bake Off Bakers | Le Chat Noir - Patty Kirky

Learn more about Patty Kirky and what drives her heart and business! Understand what inspires her successful business and how her good character keeps her moving forward and creating yummy creations!

Friday, August 24, 2012

CC!inJAX Bake Off Bakers | Ryan & Violet Olds Skinner

Meet Ryan & Violet Olds Skinner - Responsible and fun all at the same time!  - Violet was actually the brainstorming creative mind behind the bake off idea. Her enthusiasm and faith, helped us see, we could make it happen!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Roasting, Baking and Brewing!

A Special Community Event is Just about Done to Perfection!

As I spoke to friends about how to honor Jim Bailey with the Golden Rule Award, we knew it could not be the typical rubber chicken luncheon...he deserved something fun, engaging and all about community!

It was the brain storm of Violet Olds-Skinner of Baking Under the Influence. She got conversations going at Intuition, I started chatting up Zack at Bold Bean, and the next thing ya know we got a full blown bake off and action packed inspiring event. 

We have 5 bakers creating 1000 mini cupcakes, roasters from around the community to bring out the lighter side of Jim, the Clara White Mission cooking from local donated ingredients, a photo booth that will capture which Pillar of character you stand for, a marketplace that has Conscious Threads and Conscious Eats products, a ballad being sung to honor Jim's wisdom, an all girl band and a pile of cool things to raffle off.

During the month of September, Jim will be profiled by many of the local magazines and newspapers that will show the breadth of his contribution to the many facets of our community.

We have been busy and have a sneaking suspicion that this event will rock it!!  Be sure to check the event page for details and be sure to buy your tickets early!!

Event Details  •  The Award  •  Bakers  •  Sponsorship  • Buy Tickets

Friday, August 10, 2012

...while no one is looking.

We have all heard this, yet when was the last time you stopped to ponder what it actually means in your life. 

Just recently I had a chance to witness a real example of what this means. I was siting at a stoplight in downtown Jacksonville and saw a man laying in a parking lot. I was running late for a meeting, which truthfully had me thinking, should I stop or go to the meeting. Just as I was considering. I watched a man kneel down and talk to the gentleman. I saw him hug him and ask him if he could get up. The man took his hand and gently helped him stand and get his bearings. Just as they were hugging again, a horn honked and off I went to my meeting. 

Here it is two days later, and I am thinking to myself, why didn't I stop? What had me hesitate? Why was a honored to bear witness to that act of kindness? The man of character I watched, just did what he knew was right in that moment for him. 

So today, I will challenge myself to see what is right in front of me to do, while no one is looking...