Thursday, December 5, 2013

The ROI of Giving

EVENT POSTPONED: Will POST when rescheduled.

Each day we are asked to give our attention, our resources and often our hearts to individuals, causes or ideas. How and why we decide where we invest is critical to achieving the right results, that will make a life or a community better.

The question we have been considering, as resources become more precious is, are we giving or are we investing?

We believe it is about investing. When we give, are we to expect an outcome, most often not. Yet over the years of researching this topic, I have found this to be a falsehood. We have a natural expectation that when we give, there will be a result. Our innate desire to make a difference in the world is connected to our ability to manage the resurces we have to achieve the greatest result. 

Quite simply, the goal of igniting this conversation is to get each of us to think more strategically on how and where we give for the greatest impact in our community.

Join us January 9th at Everbank stadium for an afternoon of discussion, passion and purpose.

We ask you to consider...

Business Owners:  
• What charitable organization touches your heart?
• Who do you decide to give to?
• How does your community investment affect your brand?
• What social impact is your business most proud of?

Non-Profits, Social Entrepreneurs:
• What makes you investable?
• What makes your organization worthy of investment?
• How are you articulating return on investment to your donors? Funders?

• Where are you volunteering? 
• Are you learning while volunteering? 
• What skills are being honed?

These are hard questions to consider. Join us to explore these questions as a community. Come away with new perspectives and insights that will inspire action!

Join author Robert Clancy for an afternoon of inspirational stories and spiritual highlights from his acclaimed new book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Soul. Through thought-provoking excerpts and open dialogue, experience how volunteerism, community service and a compassion for humanity can help shape your career, bring deeper meaning to your business and enlighten your soul!

After Robert shares his insights we will have time to speak with each other and listen to a panel of local and national business leaders and philanthropists. Our special guests are finalizing their calenders. As we know more we will post!

Three "take-aways":
• Learn how community service can tangibly enhance your business and your bottom line.
• Discover how volunteerism truly makes a difference in our community and why you    should be involved on deeper levels.
• Gain insights on how to engage with volunteers and donors in new ways.

This thought provoking afternoon is sure to fire you up and inspire your next move in the giving community!

Register NOW!
Cost: $45 Individual • $180 - Buy 4 - Get 5  • $360 - Buy 8 - Get 10

This event is proudly sponsored by Everbank, Hunter & Associates, Bold Bean Coffee Roasters. and Einstein Bagels 

Are you interested in sponsorship? Spots still available!

This event is proudly supported by AIGA Jacksonville and Jacksonville American Marketing Association

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Who is worthy of your help?

 Who is worthy of your help?
How may you hold them accountable?

The act of asking for help is a deep and powerful expression of self worth. Often it is the hardest thing a person or organization can can do when in need. 

This morning I received word that an old friend took her life. I sat praying for her, for her family and finally for myself. That I would remember this moment of personal doubt that was fueled by my, "What could I have done?" thoughts.  

Regret is here. Shame is here. Passion has been stirred. Action is real!

Several years ago I created a workbook that was about the cycle of giving and receiving. I interviewed hundreds of people on the topic and came to two very deep conclusions. We ASK for help when we feel worthy and GIVE help to those we deem worthy. 

It was a humbling exploration into my own self worth and that of those around me. My journey these past years has been a deeper education on the cycle of help. I know today when I ask for help, I MUST be willing to be held accountable to the giver and I have a responsibility to hold those I give help to accountable.  

As you give this holiday season, I ask you to ponder the notion of accountability and how it plays into who and how you give.