Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The One Spark Lessons: Involved to Evolve

Join us April 9-13
Workscapes Jacksonville
121 West Forsyth Street
Project #20538
Project No. 20538
Project No. 20538
Project No. 20538

As we prepare for One Spark, I am struck at the energy that is being created around us.

While sharing what we are working on, resources and people are being attracted to our mission: To bring resources to other social enterprises to fuel growth and sustainability.

Articulating and sharing our mission has helped us see anew. It has helped us to see how all that we have learned while creating Conscious Eats has fueled how we want to help others on their path to creating livelihoods and change.

Building Conscious Eats has taught us that fostering meaningful alliances within our community is critical. Working to build a social enterprise is complex. While creating a business we are also creating an educational platform that will empower those who are involved to evolve. 

Some days the vision is sparkling and clear, other days the vastness of it all confuses us. Yet as we step forward day to day, each and every lessons brings us closer to realizing the dream of employing those who have struggled to find their place in the world. Our commitment to this vision is strengthened and fueled each step along this path...

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