Monday, December 10, 2012

Why A Golden Rule Award? Why A Roast?

As we step into the final preparations for our Golden Rule event, I find myself pondering the whole point of bestowing an award, no less hosting a roast. As I consider the concept, what I rest into, is the ability to hear and see the reality of living a life of character. We talk a great deal about character development, yet having the chance to hear about a person who lives it, is the gift. 

Selecting Jim Bailey as the recipient this year was easy from many perspectives. His nomination came through a Board member and the discussion that ensued, inspired a rich and lively discussion about the day to day expression of a life of character.

The decision to do a roast blossomed when we discussed how to we PROVE a life of character. A life of character is not only measured in the accomplishments of a person but also in the company one keeps. Jim's dedication to our city, has helped him forge meaningful and well established relationships through out our city. 

As we worked with Jim to establish his roaster line up, I sat in awe of his "go to" colleagues. While creating a full view of his life, it became clear that the PROOF is in the caliber of people who esteem Jim and his life's journey and are willing to put their reputation's on the line speaking about him. What a powerful way to comprehend a life well lived!

Our roasters will include: Bruce Barcelo, Howard Coker, Terri Davlantes, Ray Driver, Bob Gay,  Hon. Denise Lee, Hon. Don Moran, Ed Nimnicht  and Toney Sleiman.

This group is a great cross section of our city and is full of passion for character! 

This list of individuals highlights the impact a character based life has in our community. As we seek to bring the discussions of character and ethics to the forefront of our community, this esteemed list of people is an amazing testament to the importance of these discussions. 

We are looking forward to hearing the not only fun perspectives these individuals hold but the valuable character lessons as well.  As a community that is working diligently to grow, we all know that character and ethics must be at the core of our ongoing evolution. 

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