Golden Rule Award Winners

The Golden Rule Award was created to honor members of our community who consistently live a life that personifies the Six Pillars of Character that CC!INJAX is built upon. Individuals who contribute to our community in unique and meaningful ways are consistently driven by trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship-the attributes we seek to honor.

The selection committee is our Board of Directors. Recommendations are made, the Board reaches into the community and discusses the recommendations with trusted colleagues. After more discussion a decision is made. Simple and direct.

Last Year's Honoree
2012 - Jim Bailey 
Publisher of the Financial News & Daily Record and President of Bailey Publishing & Communications, Jim has been a  force of change for as long as most can remember. Jim tirelessly involves himself in making our community a better place to live. He contributes to economic development and community building efforts across our city.

He works to create meaningful relationships based on respect and trust. It is this philosophy that has fueled Baily Publishing for 100 years. Being steadfast in the truth, the Bailey family has built a business that is respected and revered in the community.
Caldwell “Hank” Hayes - Haynes, Peters and Bond Partners
Julian “Hickory” Fant Jr. - Chairman Emeritus - First Guaranty Bank & Trust Co.

Lois Chepenik - JCCI -Jacksonville Community Council Incorporated

Gary Powers - Gateway
Mike Catto - Tom Nehl Truck Co.

Kevin Hyde - City Council President

Sheriff John Rutherford - Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Doug Milne - Doug Milne Company Inc

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