A Note from Our Executive Director: Why I believe in CCIN JAX!

"Why are you so passionate about the work you do?"

I hear this question on a regular basis as I carry the message of Character Counts! to our city. Two years ago when I accepted this position, I had a deep sense I had found my life's work. As I began to dive into the principles that support the national organization of Character Counts! I realized this work was the next phase of my branding and social change work. 

For most of my career in advertising and marketing, I have developed and supported brands that mean something. That is, helping companies large and small, actually live a brand that it the truth. The world of advertising and branding is really all about how a company brings the brand to life in the everyday actions it takes with a customer and it's employees. The work of CC! is about helping people understand that what we say and do as an individual or a part of an organization matters. The principle that we get to hold each other accountable is as important as holding yourself accountable. We work to create a community that is just that. Open to being and doing the right thing, even when it is hard.

The work evolved as we saw the need to bring these principles to not only the business world and community at large, but also to the struggling members of our community. We deeply believe that educating about these principles to our struggling communities, we are empowering them to believe in them selves and potentially bring hope and success to them in new ways. 

Currently we are working to create social enterprises that will employ ex-felons. These businesses will be run as revenue generating entities, which will bring livelihoods to those who are employed, they will also educate the whole family unit to these values. 

We are brave enough to have created a long term vision that we hope will inspire our community to become as passionate as we are about using these principles to change lives and out city!

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