Our Bakers

Good Things Come in Small Bites!

We are excited to host our first bake-off as part of the 2012 Golden Rule Award event. We have invited a wide range of local bakers, from established pros to upstarts. We are excited to taste not only their signature cupcakes, but also what they create using ingredients from our sponsors Intuition Ale Works, Bold Bean Coffee Roasters and The Veggie Bin. 

There will be four categories for our judges to assess:
- Signature Cupcake
- Cupcakes using Intuition Ale Works beer
- Cupcakes using Bold Bean Coffee
- Cupcakes using ingredients from the Veggie Bin

Each baker must enter a signature cupcake and one of the other categories. Each baker will bake 100 mini cupcakes of each category for a total of 200 mini cupcakes! They will also bring three full-size cupcakes of each entry for the Judges Table and one dozen full-size cupcakes to be sold to our guests. All sorts of tasty treats are coming your way!

Baker Videos

Here are a few great videos of our bakers created by our summer interns, Kiara Sanchez and Ellie Hinck.  This work was done under tight deadlines and they far exceeded my expectations. We all learned about making videos and will continue to evolve their skills over the coming year!
Please feel free to check them out before the competition!

We will be posting video interviews of our bakers in the coming weeks, stay tuned!

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