Tuesday, October 11, 2011

T R U S T W O R T H I N E S S | What is real?

The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived, and dishonest — but the myth — persistent, persuasive and realistic.
— John F. Kennedy

As we continue our conversations around trustworthiness, we are called to look at the myths that have been made real. In these times of unrest we must look at the how we continue to live in the myths or seek to create NEW truths.

Some myths that are hard to know as truth or perceptions are statements like these. Business is not ethical. Government will never be ethical. Our leaders have no character. Politicians are a bunch of liars. Successful businessmen are cheats. 

While many of these statements are true in some cases, I also know them to be false.

Jacksonville does have ethical businesses like Baily Publishing run by Jim Baily. We have leaders that are character driven like Sheriff John Rutherford, who leads JSO with integrity and caring. We do have successful business men like Vince McCormack who leads Perdue Inc with respect and trust.

These individuals show us that there are truths we can count on! Each leader has allowed himself to be accountable. They have surrounded themselves with people who hold ethics to be the standard by which they act.

As we look to creating our futures, I believe it is critical for us to see what truths and myths we perpetuate. Mother Teresa NEVER went to an anti-war marches, she ONLY attended peace rallies. We can look to the truths we aspire to create by moving our hearts, hands and voices to actions that are based in our shared personal truths.

We all want communities that are based on the truth. We all know it is possible. I ask you to raise your voice and let truth be heard! Let us work to create together!


  1. this is excellent, i didn't know about this wonderful effort to build community in our city and will now be a regular follower, thank you for this effort!!

    1. Chis, I hope you are well. We are again focused on trustworthiness. This month we are looking at the relationship between trustworthiness and accountability. Complex and rich. Hope you will join the conversation!