Monday, December 5, 2011

A Voice & the Feeling...

gary c. rettinger

There's seemingly never a greater presence in our heads than when we know what needs to happen and an uneasy feeling sets in, ugghhh right?  That's the way most of us know and it's really a bad way to carry about as a day-to-day go-to.  It sets us up for imagined failure and pain right from the get-go, but, you know it's simply what we were given.  That's where it all begins with what we got and what we didn't yet that's not where it ends.  That's where the right decision given life through self-designed destiny will dovetail with the very essence of who you are.  That's if you make the right decision keeping in mind it takes a bit of zeal, a dash of bravado and a lockstep with the wisdom good ol' mom and dad hopefully drummed into you during your very own wonder years.  So, what's the decision?

This is good, I accept it and I'm going to do the right thing.  That's it.  That's responsibility.  It's in us all as we really need not even think about it when it comes down to it as it's been passed down to us through hundreds and thousands of years of the essential goodness of generations that typically fills us all.  Sleep when you sleep, be aware when you're awake.  For many the opposite rings true and we miss doing the right thing and when we do it affects many many people well beyond what you might imagine.  Let it be celebrated that we each have the amazing capacity to set off a chain reaction of synchronicity bringing favor, smiles and harmony and it comes simply and elegantly enough just from doing the right thing.  At times words need not even be spoken as people feel it when the right thing's in motion.  Set off in the other direction and everything's upended, upset and out of whack and maybe even someone really got hurt.  That's the sea of separation in heeding what's right versus saying "too bad I'm all that matters and that's that."  Yet, that's what we seem to be suffocating in and "popular" culture in many sectors certainly's doing it's worst to speed along the demise of the good.

So what can you do about it?  You're just 1 person amongst 7 billion, stunning how insignificant that can  seem in a strictly mathematical sense isn't it?  Nonetheless that's all it takes, just 1.  Just 1 person doing the right thing even just in example shows another and sows a seed of an eventual reciprocating goodness.  That's how it always happens.  That's what makes responsibility or doing the right thing tantamount to everything.  It puts you into the flow and once you're in a good-hearted vision's always met with new and countless helping hands leading to sure-fired success for the greater good.

That's the way of the world.  You in?

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