Monday, March 5, 2012

Tony Allegretti : Citizen, Businessman and Father!

This month we are honored to have Tony as one of our panelists at our Monthly Ethics Coalition Breakfast meeting. This months topic is Citizenship as a Business Investment.

We will be discussing how to make the right investment decisions as you work to contribute to your community. We will hear Tony's insights on how he has worked to create successful businesses and manages to make time for community initiatives.

Tony is a senior consultant at Keymer, responsible for strategic communications campaigns with an emphasis in social media, social networking, and special projects. Before working at Keymer, Tony managed communications and brand strategy for Gallery Restaurant Group and worked as a consultant on a number of high-profile public and private initiatives, serving as Special Assistant to Mayor John Peyton, and helping to found both the Jacksonville Art Walk and the Riverside Arts Market.

CC! in JAX, keeps an eye on Tony, because we see a man who is helping our community hold a vision and consistently participates in creating it. Tony's ability to bring people together in a way that is respectful and creative, inspires us. His long standing commitment to bringing new ways of thinking to our city reminds us that change comes from the willingness to stay engaged, so we may truly know what is needed!

Tony can be found on LinkedIN, Facebook, and Twitter! He is truly a man to watch and be fueled by!! His posts are always something to learn from!

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