Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekly Lunch • Wed, Sept 11

Beaver Street Enterprise Center is Ready To Eat!

 Open to the public!

  Olives • Sun Dried Tomatoes • Basil • Lemon
to name a few flavors of the day!

Mushroom Quinoa • Tomato Basil Salad 
Kalamata Roasted Potatoes • Kale and Chick Pea Salad 
Tri-Color Couscous with Caremelized Rosemary Onions
 Thyme Cucumbers • Lemon Garlic Chicken 
Smoked Gouda Frittata • Mixed Greens

WED,  September 11

We are creating a fun inspiring space for weekly lunch. 

Come eat, meet people who share your
creative spirit and walk away inspired!

Small Tasting Plates $4.00
Full Plate Vegetarian $8.00
Full Plate with Meat $9.00
Ample Parking available! 
Learn more about Conscious Eats now!

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