Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Why is CCINJAX interested in design dialogues?

This free monthly lunch has been created to foster interdisciplinary dialogue within the design and social change communities. We believe in the power of design to engage and transform. The goal of this monthly event is to explore the discipline of design as well as the many facets of it. All change agents are welcome to join the dialogue. As we work to refine the design of our city, we hope these gatherings will inspire a spirit of collaboration and shared values. 

Why is CCINJAX interested in design? 
Florence Haridan the Executive Director of the organization has been a designer her whole career. Before leading our non-profit, her roles as a leader have always been grounded in design thinking. 

As she brings the work of CC to life, she has leveraged her knowledge of design to to create and implement programs, projects and products. She believes the discipline of design is critical in the social change process and is often referred to as a design advocate. 

Today the Conscious brands are guided by design thinking and it is this discipline we believe will bring the social enterprises long term sustainable success. 

Hosted by Workscapes Jacksonville,  a proud sponsor of Character Counts! in Jacksonville.

A light healthy lunch will be provided by Conscious Eats, the social enterprise of CCinJAX.

Space is limited to 30.
RESERVE your space for March 7

RESERVE your space for April 4

Would you like to support the work of Character Counts! in Jacksonville? Please bring along a bag of plain nuts or dried fruits. They are used to create fund raising products. 

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