Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May Speaker Profile: Dave Josephson, Growth Coach

Dave will join us Monday May 14!  

Innovation Fueled by Respect

For Dave Josephson, marketing and sales coaching has been a part of life since the very beginning.

When he was in grade school, Dave told his Uncle Jim, a food engineer for Oscar Mayer®, what he thought kids would like for lunch: a sampling of meats, cheeses, and breads, and of course, a sweet treat for dessert. Dave even suggested the name of “Lunch Sampler.” A few short years later, Lunchables® hit the market, and today it is one of Oscar Mayers’ top selling packaged food items for children ages 6 to 10. So began Dave’s lifelong love affair with sales and marketing.

While in college, Dave assisted his father-in-law in the opening of several video stores, where in addition to stocking shelves, he also developed “Take-One,” a monthly video newsletter for video club members. Seeing that his family needed marketing dollars, he simply asked their video sales representative for some. By asking a simple question, Dave uncovered hundreds of dollars worth of co-op funds for his family’s new video store chain.

After college, Dave worked for a national home-business magazine publisher, where he coached home-business owners how to wisely spend their advertising dollars. His creativity and enthusiasm soon had him in charge of the magazine’s major accounts. Since his clients loved his marketing coaching, Dave hosted a weekly teleseminar called “Market Smarts,” where he coached hundreds of business owners around the world at a time.

Dave then pursued a marketing career where he would be able to work with one of the leading franchise systems in the country, Auntie Anne’s Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels™. Here Dave realized that impulse buying and regional taste preferences had an impact on each location. Therefore, he coached his franchisees to uncover what their customers wanted and then how to market to them. Not only did this empower his franchisees, but it also drove up their sales by as much as 50% within as little as 6 months. Dave showed them how to leverage their marketing dollars by working directly with mall property managers. As a result of developing innovative partnerships, he helped save his franchisees thousands of dollars on advertising, as well as gave them the ability sell more with little to no effort.

Always admiring small business owners for their courage, Dave later partnered with his wife Dawn in her business, Cameo Publications, a boutique publishing house where they worked with some of the top business trainers and professional speakers around the world. In addition to publishing self-help and business books, Dave coached business consultants of the Fortune 500 companies. His reputation made him well known throughout various professional consulting circles as the Marketing Innovator.
Despite the success of Cameo Publications, Dave felt it was time to tackle a new adventure, so he took a position in Jacksonville, Florida at The Beaver Street Enterprise Center as their Program Coordinator. In this role, Dave used his creativity to motivate small business owners by helping them break their self-limiting barriers and empower them by learning how to leverage their business through effective branding and sales leadership. As part of this effort, Dave introduced SELL-Ebration, where he brought together Jacksonville’s top sales and marketing trainers to give advice to a packed event hall.

After witnessing how many business owners fall victim to working IN their businesses rather than ON their businesses, Dave became a certified coach in the Strategic Mindset® Process with The Growth Coach®.  Dave empowers business owners to Drive Success AND Balance Life™. Today, Dave’s mission is to help small business owners realize that they are truly worthy of being successful and that they are their best asset in their business.


In total, Dave has over 20 years of marketing and sales coaching experience, and has personally coached more than 1,500 small business owners ranging from the start-ups to the mega-successful in many different industries. Dave holds a Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Communications with a Minor in English from Rollins College and an Associate of Arts Degrees in Business Administration and in Paralegal Science.

To learn more about what Dave spends his time doing take a moment to visit his Growth Coach website. 

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