Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What is Good? What is Bad? | Judgements Abound!

These two images are the open slides to a presentation I did at the Jacksonville Business Journal Diversity Awards this morning. I had the honor to create a fun experience and take risks because someone trusted me. Why? I am not sure...well maybe cause I have some radical ideas and David Sellick knows that those are the ideas that might change the way we do business.

Our ability to continually let go of and hold onto judgements is at the root of our ability to think innovatively. As we look for new and diverse ideas and perspectives we must open ourselves to ideas that we might deem "BAD" so we might find something "GOOD". 

Pretty ironic isn't it??

I look forward to hearing the ideas and thoughts of those that attended so that we may continue to foster diversity in our community with the hopes of changing it for the better!

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