Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Productive & Respectful Networking: Oh Right it's all about Conversations!

As far as playing jazz, no other art form, other than conversation, can give the satisfaction of spontaneous interaction.  - Stan Getz

I love this quote! It reveals such a delightful morsel to me. It helps me see the beauty of not having an agenda and allowing a conversation to go where it goes.

As I consider how important my time is these days,
I realize every relationship I decide to choose to create has infinite potential. What I open up to share and what I foster to be shared are the moments of  j a z z. Those sweet lyrical exchanges that connect and flow. 

So often I find myself selling, to begin with in a relationship, instead of exploring, revealing, creating and experiencing. I believe the quote asks us to look at the idea of being willing to allow the spontaneity of an exchange to create a beautiful connection, instead of some imagined agenda to be followed.

In the charming illustration, we see the intersections of ideas and thoughts expressed so beautifully, that ideas intermingle and create surprises that unfold. As I personally consider the kinds of networking experiences that bring me inspiration, they are the ones that allow meaningful dialogue. 

 Recently a colleague challenging me to the idea, that I already knew right this moment, every person, I needed to grow my work and gain greater success. She asked me to look at respecting and honoring my past investments of time and reputation. Had I followed up? Had I let an opportunity pass? Why was I looking for new, when I had not deepened the ones I currently have.

It got me really thinking. As I explored this idea, it helped me see that when I am fostering current relationships with the flow of jazz, the exact right new player will come in effortlessly, with surprise and spontaneity, those magical connections...that just reveal themselves. 

So today I shall be a jazz player and allow myself to flow and to explore...with confidence and ease. 

Join us July 13th to converse about networking and creating the right strategies for YOU!


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