Sunday, July 8, 2012

Believing in the Dream

A few years ago, while I was ill, a friend gave me this book on tape. I listened to it over and over while lying in bed, mostly hopeless. As I listened, it brought a clarity and a reason to the pain and suffering I was going through. It helped me keep my dream alive through it all.

It changed my whole view of my dreams and the role of getting clear about purpose of the dream and what it takes to make them happen.

For many years I dreamed and thought they impossible. They were pipe dreams, ya know, that little girl dreaming beyond reality. We all have dreams, and we all either decide to pursue them or let them die. 

The book presents a few simple concepts:

Our dreams are God's dreams. He has placed them within us. He would not give us a dream that is impossible. It is up to us to figure it out with His help.

We have all the gifts and skills to make our dreams happen. God has built these gift in as he created the dream within our hearts. God wants us to expand our skills, so other people will expand theirs. God wants us to believe in our dreams deeply, so others may come along side to help make them happen. It is up to us to build alliances that have common dreams and  create solutions together.

Getting quiet with God is absolutely necessary! When we come into "sanctuary" with God, we are able to decipher "His Plan!" When we begin to understand how to do it and with whom.

Overcoming our Personal fears is a ongoing process! Our willingness to come to our knees and be truthful with ourselves will happen the whole way through the realization of a dream. Count on it. 

Social Issues will present them selves! Generally speaking there are social issues that stand in front of our dream. Woman can't do that! Those people are not worth it! Fears and predjudice will reveal it's horrible head. It is our faith and dreams that will overcome them. 

The closer we are to realizing our dreams the harder the challenges will be. As the dream comes into reality the stakes get higher and higher. The obstacles seem bigger, yet in reality they are not. It is the final push that always seems the hardest, yer it is also when the most fear is present, right at the edge of success. Right of the edge of joy!

So today, I am committed to my dream! I pray you commit to yours!

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