Friday, August 10, 2012

...while no one is looking.

We have all heard this, yet when was the last time you stopped to ponder what it actually means in your life. 

Just recently I had a chance to witness a real example of what this means. I was siting at a stoplight in downtown Jacksonville and saw a man laying in a parking lot. I was running late for a meeting, which truthfully had me thinking, should I stop or go to the meeting. Just as I was considering. I watched a man kneel down and talk to the gentleman. I saw him hug him and ask him if he could get up. The man took his hand and gently helped him stand and get his bearings. Just as they were hugging again, a horn honked and off I went to my meeting. 

Here it is two days later, and I am thinking to myself, why didn't I stop? What had me hesitate? Why was a honored to bear witness to that act of kindness? The man of character I watched, just did what he knew was right in that moment for him. 

So today, I will challenge myself to see what is right in front of me to do, while no one is looking...

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