Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Who is worthy of your help?

 Who is worthy of your help?
How may you hold them accountable?

The act of asking for help is a deep and powerful expression of self worth. Often it is the hardest thing a person or organization can can do when in need. 

This morning I received word that an old friend took her life. I sat praying for her, for her family and finally for myself. That I would remember this moment of personal doubt that was fueled by my, "What could I have done?" thoughts.  

Regret is here. Shame is here. Passion has been stirred. Action is real!

Several years ago I created a workbook that was about the cycle of giving and receiving. I interviewed hundreds of people on the topic and came to two very deep conclusions. We ASK for help when we feel worthy and GIVE help to those we deem worthy. 

It was a humbling exploration into my own self worth and that of those around me. My journey these past years has been a deeper education on the cycle of help. I know today when I ask for help, I MUST be willing to be held accountable to the giver and I have a responsibility to hold those I give help to accountable.  

As you give this holiday season, I ask you to ponder the notion of accountability and how it plays into who and how you give.

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