Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Acts of Caring - Matter!

 “I feel the capacity to care is the thing which gives life its deepest significance.”  
Pablo Casals

Each and every day we have the opportunity to take an action that shows we care. Be it for a person, for ourselves, our community or our earth. 

Taking to time to make a simple gesture of kindness, helps bring joy to the world and often puts an end to fear, sadness or loneliness. The possibility that your small act of caring could make such a difference is higher than you think. 

Recently after doing a bit of research for this blog post, about the actual ROI of caring, I did a small experiment of my own. I texted 30 of my friends to tell them that I cared about them and I was glad they were in my life. 35% responded back with a sentiment that conveyed, "I needed this today." 30% responded with, "I love you too!" and 20% just took it in and did not respond. The last 15% made the statement, I will pass this on! Very interesting

This really got me to thinking about the power of this idea that a simple act CAN affect the world. 80% took an action, they responded. As I consider the ripple this simple 15 minute investment might have on the world, I sit and smile. 

I am always curious when I hear about random acts of caring. Most often we hear about them from the receiver view, as most people who care, rarely do it for recognition, they do it for the other person's happiness.

Perhaps if we all started talking about the acts of kindness we did, we might inspire others to do the same. Perhaps our humility is getting in the way of the ripples of caring being created! So inspire me...what was the last act of caring you did...

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