Monday, January 2, 2012

Are you being FAIR to yourself as you set goals?

Giving yourself a fair share of your time and focus is critical. Your goals and dreams are important! They deserve the same amount of planning and attention that you give to every one else. Being sure we are investing in the efforts and people that are in alignment to our values, will bring a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment. A sense of fairness to ourselves and the world will be clear.

I have found that when I am being fair with my time, meaning, giving time to the right things and the right people, I feel good! We want to make it complicated, yet after years of being a coach, I have found personally and with my clients that simple planning is the key!!

Stepping back to inventory where we are and set sights on where we want to go, requires a faith in oneself and a process. I have worked with a myriad of individuals and organizations to accomplish this sometimes daunting task. It takes faith in oneself and colleagues to know that the initial investment of time will be put to the test by creating ongoing accountability to the goals and tasks initially committed to.

Research proves people who invest time in planning are successful and are more successful when they are documented. Daily or weekly planning rituals foster accomplishing more. Stephan Covey, has spend his career educating hundreds of thousands on these "Habits". He is successful because he walks his talk and has actively created tools that he and his organization use routinely. He is a highly respected leader because these are well designed and flawlessly executed. He has created an online tool that supports the creation of goals and accountability that are affective and easy to use.

My deciding what is a priority and then actually making all investments of time, money and passion follow from there allow me to feel confident in my decisions. I am able to stand behind the decisions and follow through with conviction and integrity, when I am sure they align to my values and those of our organization. Alignment of our values and investments requires time and consideration. It asks us to communicate and collaborate with all involved. It is the

As you step forward in making setting your goals and those for your organization, are you being fair to all involved in the goal? Can each person understand and agree to what is being agreed to? Do they have the resources to accomplish the goal. Do they have the management support needed? Being fair means you have considered these components.

Often we are focused on

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