Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Realities of Running a Non-Profit

For two and a half years I have been working for a non-profit. I am new to this crazy world and often struggle with staying in it. I used to make six figures, now I struggle week to week. I used to have  huge teams to help me accomplish goals, now I have 1, plus a growing crew of volunteers. I used to have huge amounts of money to invest in smart projects, now I invest mostly sweat. I used to know what my days were going to be like, now I am routinely surprised with how my days unfold. I used to show up at an office to work, now I go to a office, a kitchen, a jail, a rescue mission, a halfway house, a court house, a hospital and when I am lucky a coffee shop.

I used to have to sneak in a lil prayer with a colleague, now I get to openly say grace before every shared meal. I used to have to ask permission to give someone a second chance, now I meditate before I do and let it unfold. I used to question why I was doing what I do, today I am crystal clear about my place in this world. I used to think I was in control of it all, now I am darn glad, I know who is! I used to work with people who only cared about the bottom line, now I work with people who walk the high road. I used to have to hide my emotions, now I celebrate and harness the power of them.

Yes, most days I am ecstatically working and seeing massive strides happen. Other days, not so much. The blend of the kinds of days that I have now is what keeps me on my toes, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically...

Basically there a few kinds of days here in the non-profit world. Pretty similar to the rest of the world, yet, for me, the spiritual and emotional elements make it waaay more intense.

Basically Four kinds of days:
1.  The work we do matters and we are making a difference in the world. Yee haa!! I love my life.
2.  Nobody cares about the work we do, if they did, I would have more money to do it. Gotta work harder to grow this bad boy...
3.  Why the heck am I doing this, I must be crazy, stupid, a dreamer...I gotta find a new job.
4.  Ohh right...this is why I sacrifice, a life has been touched.

These days ebb and flow, ya just never know what will come at ya on any given day in this world full of emotions, full of passion, full of risk and most importantly full of love.

I was having a number three kind of day...Today I asked for some prayer to help me ask for more help. Just as I posted a prayer request I had a conversation with with a man I help and he told me he has a job interview that looks hopeful. As the day rolled on I have been blessed to receive prayers, loving calls, hugz and even some tangible expressions of support. Veggies, money and a few hours of volunteers time. Suddenly I was having a four kinda day, that quickly found itself being a ONE...

So if ya out there having a three kinda day...reach out for help and I guarantee it will shift itself soon!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your heart. Prayer is awesome that way! The work you are doing definitely matters and it's inspiring to me!