Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Updates and Excitment!!

We Like to take time each month to let ya know what is shaking with the details. Results of the hard work Matter!!

CC! In Jax
    •    We continue to negotiate for donated event space for our upcoming Golden Rule Award and Chick-Fil-A Leadercast events in 2014. Sending proposals to several community partners. Jaxport is the most promising!

    •    We listed some new volunteer opportunities with Hands On Jacksonville so that we can find people to assist us with various tasks.  Already we have had three new ones contact us! Visit their site and see what you can do to participate!!

    •    We hosted a Parents Class at Teen Court to help parents and guardians deal with children who have had minor infractions of the law.

Conscious Eats•    Our employee Shawn is making great progress in school as he maintains his 4.0 average. He is now a member of his church leadership team and is making a difference there day to day. He continues to learn more about the non-profit world and is attending classes at the Nonprofit Center of NE Florida. His focus and energy are a great asset!!

 •    We held our second Launch Event at Paul Figura Studios!  Look for the next one coming in mid-August. Almost 80 people attended the four events.

    •    We continue to modify and perfect our snack mixes.  We want the healthiest and most delightful tastes to attack your taste buds!

    •    We are almost finished working with our fabulous team of interns to launch a completely revamped website by mid-August. A full photo shoot with pics by Laura Evans and Mike Lukus!

    •    We have started working with a software developer who will create an app for our customers to use of their smartphones.

    •    We launched a new Facebook campaign with free prizes, so go check us out!! you could win one too!!

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