Thursday, August 22, 2013

Call For Nominations for the 2013 Golden Rule Award

The Golden Rule Award has been recognizing character in individuals in our community since 2005. Our first winners, Sheriff John Rutherford, Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and Doug Milne, of Doug Milne Company Inc, set the standard high!

This is a year of expansion on several levels. We are adding two additional categories: family and business as well as opening the nomination process to the community!

As we work to instill a character based approach to community building, it became clear that the fastest way to expand the discussion was to bring the community into the process in a more meaningful way...

We know amazing expressions of character and ethics happen every day in our city. We want to be able to hear about them and recognize them. The Six Pillars are the foundation of our philosophy. We look to them for a standards and structures.

This year we are not only opening the nomination process to the community, we are bringing on more perspectives as we select our winners. The selection committee is being formed and will be announced soon! As well as the location of the award ceremony!

To nominate an individual, a family or a business, take a look at the criteria and see who in your life teaches you about living a life of character!

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