Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ethics Coalition Meeting Schedule

These highly interactive sessions will each have several speakers, including YOU to share insights and personal experiences.  Our goal is to create a supportive space that we can all grow and evolve ethically.  

Meetings held at:
Perdue Inc.
5 W. Forsyth St. Suite 100, Jacksonville, FL 32202 

Thursdays - 7:30-9:00 am

June 14, 2012  |  Building a Socially Responsible Brand - Register NOW
This month we will explore the elements that must be considered to consciously build a brand that is socially responsible in all aspects of it's dealings. Organizations that are emotionally and socially intelligent are at the leading edge of innovation. You will learn several techniques to explore your personal social intelligence in relationship to your work.

Come join others who are seeking a deeper understanding of social responsibility and are willing to take themselves and organizations the next level. 

We will discuss:
• Aspects of social responsibility
• How emotional and social intelligence affect strategic development
• How social consciousness influences business growth and brand development
• Explore the Ethical Decision Making process to understand the ramifications of decisions.

July 19, 2012  |  Freedom & Fairness
What is freedom? How do we define fairness. These complex topics affect day to day decisions we all face. How organizations decide what is fair, affects all aspects of business, from pricing, to salaries, to business growth. We will examine the many ways to look at a decision to enable a holistic examination.

We have openings for speakers if you would like to share on the topic!

July 19, 2012  |  Freedom & Fairness

August 16, 2012  |  Caring Brands Inspire

September 13, 2012  |  Citizenship: Each Voice Matters!

October 18, 2012  |  Trustworthiness in Advertising

November 15, 2012  |  Creating Respectful Traditions

December 15, 2012  |  Responsible Business Planning

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