Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Are You Standing For?

I am currently working on an initiative that has forced me to look at what I really believe in and stand for. What a blessing this turmoil has given me.

I am working on a social justice initiative with a team of other passionate people. The team has made some decisions I cannot support. I had to come to a place that I either would stay and support methods and philosophies that were not in alignment to what I believe or walk away. I prayed, I wrote, I talked, I DECIDED to stand for what I believe in and if I needed to walk away I was prepared for that.

As I worked through this decision, a fellow coach asked me that question. "What are you standing for?" It gave me the ability to voice what I needed to and to feel the conviction of my beliefs. It was a very powerful and life changing moment. I knew what I needed to do and felt assured that I would be proud of myself for standing for what I know to be right.

As I shared my beliefs with some of the team members, I could feel my spirit soaring. I knew that I had made the right decision to speak and be heard. The team shifted some thinking and we are ale to move forward to create a solution we can all live with. I know that this only was possible because I was willing to have my voice heard and to stand for something I believe in.

What do you need to stand for today???

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