Monday, August 8, 2011

New BOARD Members: Chesnut & Orange!

Chesnut and Orange? No, not our newest produce but, yes, the names of two great men who have agreed to support our organization. We are proud to announce we have two new additions to our Board of Directors - Scotty Chesnut and Doug Orange.

Each brings a passion for community development and are seen in our city as evokotive of what it means to live a life of character.

Scotty Chesnut has been serving his community since he was a kid.

Scotty's Life’s Mission Statement:  My Goal in life is to freely give of my time and talents so that I may enrich the lives of others. When you serve others you serve the Lord.

His ongoing service included a Presidency of the Beaches Republican Party and Chairmanship of the Code Enforcement Board.

He is currently an active member of the Jacksonville Beaches community. Scotty serves on the City of Jacksonville Beach Board of Adjustments and is considering another run at a position on the City Council.

His background in civic organizations will surely be an asset to the CC! in Jax Board!

Doug Orange has insights that are based on the realities of the street. As a former homeless person, Doug's views on outreach and social justice are inspired by the truths of his experiences.

His tenacious spirit and sense of humor have helped him to transform his life into one of service and compassion. He has served on several Boards including, the Florida State Coalition for the Homeless, I. M. Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless and Founder of Empowerment First, a non-profit that was focused on giving voice to those who are struggling to create new lives.

He is currently Outreach and Housing Specialist, at the Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless and is a sought after speaker on the topic of homelessness. His insights are sought by several Coalitions including the Emergency Services & Homeless Coalition of Jacksonville and the Washington based National Alliance to End Homelessness.

We look forward to leveraging Doug's unique perspective as we continue to create outreach programs and social enterprises. His spark and sense of humor will be an added joy!

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