Thursday, February 9, 2012

Caring enough to commit.

Varick Rosete, Jennifer Connell and Kelly Williams care enough about Character Counts! in Jacksonville to have committed their time to share insights and lessons from their journeys at the upcoming Ethics Coalition meeting, on Feb 13th at 8:30.

Why? is what I wonder...well, let me share a few thoughts. I have known each of them for a few years. We have worked together to create many other great efforts. They are passionate about living a life that matters and want to contribute to making our community better. They believe in the power of story. They want to invest into something I am working so hard to create. Ahh here we have something, hard work and the results that happen because of it.

Here is what I know. They might care about me and want to help me, yet at a way deeper level, they are investing time because they believe in the work of Character Counts! They want to be part of something that creates hope as the result of hard dedicated work.

Each of them has worked hard to create a difference in their worlds. Each has cared enough about a cause to sacrifice free time, weekends, money and their hearts to help others. Caring enough to commit, MATTERS! If did not have commitment, I would not be able to promote, share the stories..etc.

So I ask you, What do YOU care enough about to commit to??

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