Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Speaker Profile: Varick Rosete | Caring For the Spirit at Work

On Monday, Feb 13th, we will be discussing Caring for the Spirit at Work. Varick will be sharing his insights and ideas on HOW to nurture your creative spirit within. He will share on the ways he does it for himself and those around him.

What Varick says about himself:  I am a designer/illustrator living in Jacksonville, Florida where I’ve officially been in the design business for over 10 years, designing everything for local Mom & Pop shops to worldwide clients like GE, Capital One and AT&T. I’ve helped them all with a strong sense of branding – heightening the experiences of their consumers. I’ve also been drawing all my life and loving the fact that I am able to do this for a living. Although I have a traditional print background, the last 6 years have been about living and learning in the world wide web. Focusing more on straight design and illustration, while learning more about animation and motion graphics, is the passion that drives me now.

What Florence Haridan says about him:  I have watched Varick grow into his creative leadership over the past years, his sense of community and respect are a wonderful blend. He consistently contributes to efforts that he sees as ground breaking and are impactful to our city. His bold sense of design blended with his highly tuned intuition make him a rare and valuable asset to our business community. 

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