Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Speaker Profile: Jennifer Bergin Connell | Caring For the Spirit at Work

What Jennifer says about herself: My entrepreneurial spirit is boundless. After building and then selling a successful nutrition and exercise center in New Jersey, I moved to Florida. I have helped businesses incorporate leading edge disciplines and tools to cultivate healthy communication, enhanced employee engagement, and foster sustainable success. I thoroughly enjoy my community involvement service and working with organizations and groups that welcome growth and change. 

What Florence Haridan says about her: Jennifer's dedication to building and supporting strong and vibrant communities is inspiring. Her broad education is grounded in a heart centered approach which is rare in such a focused business woman. Jennifer brings a sense of centered balance to all she does. Each time she shares her experiences, I learn something! We are lucky to have the chance to hear her wisdom!

Also joining Jennifer, is Kelly Williams and Varick Rosete.

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