Saturday, November 12, 2011

Gary Rettinger - Our new blogger!

I met Gary several years ago and was immediately drawn to his amazing passion for life. He is an active philanthropist and dedicated to helping others pursue a path of self discovery.

with my nephew & my father
Gary Rettinger’s life’s been one far less ordinary and quite spectacular at the same time. Having an unending passion for music’s been a guiding force in his life from an affinity for drumming to a quest to find the greatest of music. Writing’s been a gift he’s most recently shared with his insights and lessons he’s gained in finding our highest and best inner-happiness at Having a passion for making kids happy has seen the recent creation of the ongoing adventure “written” by his kitten Aspen at Finding a tremendous satisfaction in helping people become healthier in helping themselves fills his time as well – And, now he’s honored to help further the beautiful vision and mission of Character Counts! in Jacksonville in sharing his perspective from a life full of beautiful relationships and most fortunate experiences.

Gary’s at his absolute best when he’s connecting with people in a meaningful manner with plenty of laughs along the way. Levity’s a natural gift, photography’s a joy and skiing’s next to heaven for him. Gary has three loving cats and an amazingly nurturing, supportive and loving family of friends. Gratitude and a smile carries him far and wide.

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  1. Pleased to welcome Gary! I often find myself talking with Gary and exploring deep into subjects. Always inspiring and insightful.