Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Respect's the Constant Winning Ticket

Guest blogger:
gary c. rettinger

That’s a heavy one, isn’t it?  It’s also an excellent musical gem from a land far far ago called “the 1960’s” - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqPhIJliWHA&feature=related - and then again it’s a vital aspect of whether or not we carry through our days with a smile in the soul or an ever-darkening cloud that casts a pall over everything.  At an early age some of us were very fortunate to have respect ingrained in us for the essential “life-element” it so vitally is and then there are many who were denied what it is to feel respect and all that comes with it.  The beautiful thing is is that it’s never too late. 

From your own burning inner-desire to the way of the world and what it’ll bring you with the right heart and intentions to the never-ending grace of God, respect can be gained, had, and forever added to the equation of you as a golden thread to everything you are just by asking.  That’s it.  When you really understand what’s in your heart you’ll always respect yourself, you’ll always respect others, and you’ll certainly always respect the gift you’ve been given in having life itself. 

No question about it for some of us we look around and don’t yet have what we want and that’s because we don’t yet see it in our mind’s eye as coming straight from the steadfast clarity inside our soul.  However, it’s of the greatest importance to realize we simply need to choose to see what we will have regardless of what we didn’t get growing up that we absolutely deserved.  That’s the test of where you’ll go and all it requires is that vision blanketed in an unwavering faith in yourself and even more in the big guy up in the clouds.  It’s that easy, kinda. 

Or you can stay in the world where “everyone else is saying it, everyone else is doing it and I’m gonna, too” when you know very well you’re shackling yourself.  Don't you feel you deserve better and that it’s out there?  Do you really?  Trust me it’s there for the taking, the good life begins and ends in respect.

Respect feeds right into the law of attraction for which we all know brings us exactly what we’re bathing in.  So make it a golden light and not a rusty old tub without a shine to be seen or even a sliver of soap to clean the uncleanly.  Just walk away and right into the scene you know holds the truth and space for you to have everything where a life truly well-lived and well-earned resides. 

Can you believe it’s really there?  It really is yet you’ll never ever know unless you take that step.  For those who were graced with all the majesty that respect carries with it you’re most fortunate and with this blessing much is required.  For you it’s the honor of simply sharing the right way with the one who is looking and longing for just that.  Do that and respect delivers it’s greatest gift helping the world ever-so-closer to the haven of grace it truly can be.  Are you in?

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