Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Living Inside the 6 Pillars With Entrepreneur & Humanitarian Jim Bailey

Always ready with a smile!
Entrepreneur & Humanitarian Jim Bailey

It's an exceptional person with the character and fortitude to both at once understand and then lead the way in life with the foundation of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.  That's quite a bevy of accountability to one's self and to all those around us like say your wife and your 6 daughters and a company full of dedicated employees, isn't it?  Yet, there's a silver lining that most surely leads one onto a primrose path as it's said. Maybe that's better seen as your personal avenue paved in gold.  And this is exactly where Jim Bailey's in effect chosen to be from a "decision" that was thrust upon him at an early age when fate stepped in and taking over for his father found Jim abandoning his path and giving everything he had to help his family at it's greatest time of need with their now century-old company Bailey Publishing.  Both his commitment and the clear foundation that had already been 64 years in the making when Jim came aboard 36 years ago have proven to find Bailey Publishing (the Daily Record - as a strong and well-anchored local company to this day.  That's come from Jim's leadership and the wealth of talent he's been so fortunate to have throughout the years. "You don't become successful unless you have people around you who you respect and trust" says Jim.  Respect and trust of course are 2 of the 6 pillars for which Character Counts! is founded upon and for which Jim speaks of front and center as to the core of his and Bailey Publishing's success. 

It flows from there as to why Jim believes heavily in the mission of Character Counts!.  "I get a great deal of pleasure out of seeing other people succeed" says Jim which is the very essence of what it's all about in life.   Jim looks for ways every day to help people in some way believing that's what goodwill is all about.  In other words as the time-tested tenet in life says so quickly and accurately you get what you give so why not give a lot? 

As for the pillar of responsibility that's every bit as much of primary importance to Jim as he speaks of the vital necessity of "managing expectations" and taking tremendous care in meeting those expectations at home, in his heavily-active business life leading his company and sitting on the boards of a number of organizations and of course with his focused humanitarian efforts just the same.  It's this attention to not passing the buck so-to-speak that keeps Jim eagle-eyed and resolved to go to every extra measure to deliver to his clients, to the team that makes up his company and to the noble mission undertaken every day with Character Counts!.

Citizenship offered it's hand yet again to Jim in needing his expertise and care just this week and as a result we'll all see and enjoy a time-honored and happily-lighted tradition on the river once again this holiday season.  Jim's a leader simply because he's stepped in, stepped up and given his family, his company Bailey Publishing, Jacksonville and Character Counts! his all.  Let inspiration take hold within each and every one of us and find your "inner-Jim" as we walk toward a better and brighter today and tomorrow just the same.

gary c. rettinger

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  1. Jim is the 2012 Golden Rule winner, we will continue to learn more about his business and approach to life these coming months! Stay tuned for more wisdom!!