Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful For Thanksgiving

gary c. rettinger

Today is a day like no other in this land of opportunity, abundance and caring.  Today we are at and in a time that for many is a landscape that is unsettling and unfamiliar yet with tremendous hope.  We are a people and a country that when it comes down to it has an amazing capacity to reach out for, look out for and help back up our friends, family, neighbors and even perfect strangers.  For me this means everything as it's a backbone that both binds us together and builds us up as an even greater version of who we have been.

What began in 2008 seems to have certainly affected us all and for some in an earth-shattering manner that never was a part of the plan.  Families have been depressed and severed yet there is hope.  Careers, homes and accounts have been decimated yet there is hope.  The sun continues to shine, the pace of life carries on with a bustle nonetheless and the greatest of comebacks and reunions are being planned and coming into place right as we speak.

Where it all begins is with being thankful, you know having unending gratitude and knowing you have a lot to give of the gifts you've been given which are the very same gifts we all need from you.  Find the energy in the love you have inside you to share those gifts as when you do we all will feel it.  When you make this choice piece by piece our collective strength strengthens and the mood brightens and when that happens our greatest days become more and more the reality.  We have a tremendous power as just the one person we are to affect so positively millions of people.  For some it is with words and for all it is with deeds and for some they are one in the same.

Thanksgiving is the gathering of all of what we are at our best in how we are with one another.  We do have sincere appreciation for one another and with that spirit all that is good great and even better is possible.  That's why I am simply thankful for Thanksgiving in and of itself.  How about for you?

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  1. Thankful today for relationships. Ones that I learn and grow from. So many amazing people in my life, I am blessed to feel loved and valued.