Sunday, November 13, 2011

R E S P E C T | Taking A Stand!

This month as we continue the conversation about respect, I find myself turning within to look at my own sense of self respect. I found this quote and am inspired by the simplicity of the thought. Dignity and self respect with discipline.

At many times in my life I was unable to say no to myself. I did what ever I wanted, when ever I wanted, regardless of those around me. I never thought about how my actions would affect others. As I learned that the ability to say no to habits of mind and body affected how I felt about myself, I began to learn to love myself. It was that sense of self love that taught me to respect others abilities to say no. 

As I learned to respect a sense of boundaries, I began to understand the give and take that is necessary for balanced healthy relationships. Each and every time I stand for what I believe is right for me, I am able to better understand when others do the same. 

I recently had to step away from a project that I had invested almost nine months of time into. The individuals on the project were unable to respect or honor the perspectives I brought to the table, that I firmly believe in. I had sensed this at the very start of the project and had consciously decided to stick with it. As the months progressed, I began to feel belittled and undervalued. The ideas I believed in were not valued and I allowed myself to feel unvalued. 

When I stepped back and looked at the beliefs I was beginning to compromise. It became easy to step away and stand for what I know is right. My sense of self respect became stronger than ever. I stepped away respectfully and am able to look back knowing that the things I stood for are based on a sense of respect for self and others in the right balance. 

What a great place and space to be! Many lessons later, I stand proud of how I handled the situation, others and myself. Respect and discipline have made me a stronger leader and woman!

What have you had to stand for?

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